Description & Objectives

Continuing Education Hours: 2 CEs for LPC, SW, LMFT, and Psychologists

Description: The goal of this 2 hour presentation is to enhance our understanding of the ways in which gender identity and sexual orientation intersect with other cultural identities such as race, ethnicity, age, ability, and immigration status, and the impact this has on experiencing violence. This engaging presentation will explore the unique clinical experiences of LGBTQ survivors of harassment, discrimination, and/or violent crimes. Using an affirmative, trauma-informed approach, this facilitator will guide you through case examples and review best practices when working with members of these vulnerable populations.

Learning Objectives: 

Participants will be able to

  • Review types of crimes impacting LGBTQ individuals
  • Develop insight into some of the many ways LGBTQ folks survive, heal, grow, and thrive in the face of discrimination, oppression, limited visibility, and violent crimes
  • Discuss best practices when providing clinical support


Ph.D. Danielle Simmons

Danielle Simmons, PhD is a licensed psychologist and co-owner of Simmons Counseling & Consulting Services in Chicago, Illinois. As a clinician, educator, and facilitator, she works primarily with Black and Brown, queer- and trans-identified individuals and couples to empower sustainable growth, change, and healing. She has an extensive background supporting queer folks of color growing through generational and historical trauma often exacerbated by enduring systemic oppression. She is also particularly interested in assisting other practitioners through processes of honest self-reflection and awareness to increase unconditional self-compassion and acceptance of strengths and limitations to ultimately provide quality service with marginalized populations.